About Winchester Hosting

After nearly 25 years of building websites, running web servers, and migrating customers from platform to platform, Michael Winchester decided it was time to create a better web hosting solution geared towards small businesses. Affordable cloud hosting that doesn't require costly upgrades. Enter Winchester Hosting.

Winchester Hosting aims to empower our customers to create engaging websites without the need to worry about complex things like SSL certificates or the amount of users who can visit the website at a time. We take care of all the little stuff so you can focus on the serious stuff, your business.

Michael Winchester

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our customers the peace of mind that their website will be ready for use, that there will be no added fees at the end of the year, and that they can take care of their actual business while we worry about the web server, web sites, email, and any other hosting issue.

Our Vision

After years of dealing with hosting companies who take advantage of customers who are not tech-savvy I decided to create an all-inclusive cloud hosting platform that really serves it's users.
With no added fees you can rest assured that your annual rate is all you will pay each year. No add-ons or upgrades required, ever.

We make web hosting easy and affordable.

We stay on top of your web server so you don't have to.